Outlook email are sent but not received




I have receive some problems regarding on the emails that has been send by
our company to our clients. one of our employee is sending weekly reports to
a distribution list and sometime several of the recipients don't receive the
emails but the others received it. there is no bounce back reply or any other
sent back problems received by the sender. is there any way or program that i
can use to track the emails if they are being receive or where they are going
not knowing by the client? by the way we are using Google apps email. and all
other test that i have done is not having any problems at all. so it would be
great if some can help me with this..thanks..

Oliver Vukovics

Hi Errole,
...one of our employee is sending weekly reports to a distribution list

Check every single email account of this "DL" if the email address is

If you would send a weekly report I would use "Mail merge" to send an email
to several users.

This workss better then DLs, because for every contact, Outlook create an
own, seperate email.
Oliver Vukovics
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Hi Oliver,

I will look into that..thanks..and I was thinking is there any
software that I can use to track, trace and monitor email? thanks again

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