I have a win2k server that has a logical F: drive that
consists of 3 36gb scsi dirves in a raid 5 array. I have
added another disk to the system and want to extend my
volume on F: to include my new drive. When I open window
LDM I am able to see the new disk, but I am not able to
extend F: to include the new disk because F: was setup as
a Basic disk instead of a Dynamic disk. Will
diskpart.exe do this? I'm not sure if it will only extend
the volume to add additional space on the current disk or
if it will allow me to add an additonal disk. Any info
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.




yes it will do Basic disk. You will have to first expand the RAID to include
that disk which is usually done with the vendors tools like HP or Dell. Once
the new drive is part of the RAID you can use the diskpart tool.


Data Volume, it says "For Basic volumes, the unallocated
space for the extension must be the next contiguous space
on the same disk." Can I extend the volume to include a
new disk? I have already extended the volume in the
Adaptec raid software and I can see the new disk in
windows LDM.



Bjorn Landemoo

In order to extend on a basic disk, you should see it as an enlargement at
the end of your current disk, not as a separate disk.

Many hardware RAID adapters has the possibility to add a hard disk to a
current array, expanding the array, instead of presenting the hard disk as
a separate disk. Since I haven't used Adaptec RAID I cannot tell you the
steps to do this, but probably your documentation or Adaptec Support could
guide you through the steps.

Best regards


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