Dynamic disk show up as Foreign



Operating system Windows 2000 server
Dynamic disk setup as Spanned Volume, Disk members of this volume are on a
EMC AX100 box.
After a power disclosure disks where not showing up , I did the procedure on
EMC navisphere to set comunication port to port A as usual on this case.
After reboot the disk 1 apears as foreign en disk 2 as online but unallocated.
Tried the import option butr it offer the alert message that the disk is a
spanned one and one member is missing for that we will loose data. So stoped
right there.

Question how to recover previous LDM configuration.

Larry Struckmeyer [SBS-MVP]

Hi Hilario:

Your question does not seem to be Small Business Server related. Perhaps
the Server 2000 group or EMC tech support?


Charlie Russel - MVP

EMC tech support, from the sounds of it.(and reason number 1 why I don't
like and don't use spanned volumes except in an emergency when I need to dig
out of a whole while I wait for new disks to come in.)



You can scan that unallocated disk with the DiskPatch demo and we can have a
look (submit logfile to our forum), maybe it's fixable. Other option is to
use our iRecover and extract data (will not repair the configuration).


Kind regards,
Joep - DIY DataRecovery.nl


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