Importing Foreign Disks Failure



I have three computers running WinXP Professional (let's name them computer
"WINXP-A", computer "WINXP-B", and computer "WINXP-C"), each with a system
disk drive and three additional SATA disk drives for storing media. These
three media SATA disk drives are formatted dynamic disk and as independent
simple disk volumes (not stripped or spanned), and are thus part of a
three-disk dynamic disk group.

When the set of three media SATA disks are taken out of computer "WINXP-C"
and installed independently (as a 3-disk set) into the two computers
"WINXP-A" and "WINXP-B", the foreign disks from computer "WINXP-C" WILL
properly import into computer "WINXP-B" by using the built-in Disk Management
Console. However, the foreign disks from computer "WINXP-C" WILL NOT import
properly into computer "WINXP-A" when using the same disk import process;
instead, at the end of the import process an error message appears reading
"Operation did not complete. Check System Event Log for more information."

In checking the event log, there are two related events that are logged:

9/25/2006 11:26:16 AM LDM Warning None 1000 N/A WINXP-A
- Disk group WINXP-CDg0: Two disk groups have the same name

9/25/2006 11:26:16 AM LDM Error None 2 N/A WINXP-A INTERNAL Error
- A disk group with the specified name already exists (C100007A)

After performing some research on the Microsoft TechNet website, I've found
references to the dyanamic disk group database, and how that information is
stored on each disk in the dynamic disk group and in a "hidden database"
inside the computer registry. I've even found the appropriate registry entry
(repeated three times) inside the computer (named "WINXP-CDg0.Dg0") and used
a freeware program (called "LDM Dump") to view the contents of the dynamic
disk group database from each of the three media disk drives. However, I'm
not sure how to remedy this situation.

Should I delete the "Dg0" registry entry on the "WINXP-A" computer? And if
so, which one? I've located three registry entries with the same info (under
"CurrentControlSet", "ControlSet001"and "ControlSet002":
-Primary Disk Group
-Name (WINXP-CDg0)

Or is there a tool available somewhere to remedy this situation?

It should be noted that installing the "WINXP-C" media disk group into
either computer "B" or "C" will indeed import the disk set properly; it's a
problem only when the "C" disk group is installed into computer "A".





I am experiencing a similar problem.

Did you ever find a easy fix?

Thanks, Jo

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