Disk Read Error!



I know there are already a few threads about this, but I seriously need help,
as it's way more stuffed up than it started out to be.

OK, so earlier today I got Windows XP Professional x64.
I tried first installing it on my brothers computer (previously had Windows
7 x64 installed). So my brother backed-up all he needed, I restarted the
computer, hit enter on the boot disk option, waited for everything to load,
selected install, deleted his previous partition, and made a clean install on
a new partition. The installation was fine. Once it had finished, the
computer restarted (as normal) then once it got to the boot disk command, it
read "DISK READ ERROR", though I could still boot the disk, making it
possible to re-do everything again (fresh install, and whatever) also to
repair. First off I tried to repair, obviously I had never tried repairing a
computer before, as I had never needed to, so I was left not knowing what the
____ I had to do in the command menu.
So I just restarted the computer, done a fresh install half a several times,
every time the disk boot error appeared. So I came onto my computer (the one
I'm using right now) and searched up this error, and found this site. Though
I was looking through old threads (not realising) and tried out some of the
things other people have suggested.
So what I did then was change the jumpers at the back of the hard drive and
DVD drive, setting my hard drive as master and DVD drive as slave. I then
turned the computer back on, same thing happened. moved them around a little
bit, hoping it will make a difference. Still no change.
I'm not sure what exactly triggered this, but the next time I turned the
computer on, it came up with the same error, but modified, saying "DISK BOOT
disk by the Windows XP disk (Probably not that disk), so I tried that, no
change, I tried another disk, still no change.
I read some other suggestions, someone said it may be the IDE/SATA cable, so
I changed the IDE cable for a new one, still comes up with the same error.

Can someone please help! I hope I didn't make it any worse :(



David B.

You need to learn how to crosspost, rather than multiposting, and keep it to
relevant groups, the Media Center group is not even remotely on topic.



Andrew E.

Thier is no such item as a IDE/SATA cable,the 2 are completely diffrent.
Also,while jumper pin settings are needed,the BIOS dictates which hardware
gets boot priority (check the settings)..Also,a disk read error usually
is a hardware problem,specifically with the hd or its
controller,reinstalling &
repairing the OS is a waste of time if you have hd problems..Youre best bet,
boot to xp cd, press r for recovery console,in recovery type:DiskPart
Delete the
partitions,create one,press ESC key,type:CHKDSK C: /R Type:EXIT when thru,
reboot to xp cd,reinstall xp..Delete the partition as you did before

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