XP Product key mismatch?




I have an old box that I'm running windows xp pro on. I installed it
off an image that I got from having an MSDN subscription several years
ago. My understanding is that MS doesn't expect you to remove
operating systems off your computers when your MSDN subscription
expires, right?

This computer is acting a little flaky so I decided to do a repair
install. I still have the original CD that I installed XP Pro from,
but it was SP2. I had a different disk that I borrowed from a buddy
that's already at SP3, so instead of going to the trouble of
slipstreaming my original disk, I decided to try to installing off the
SP3 disk.

It was going okay until it asked me for the Product key. I entered
the product key from my original MSDN disk, but I get the message that
it's invalid. I tried the product key that's on the SP3 disk, but it
wont' take that one either. I'm stuck in limbo now, every time I
boots up it tries to continue setting up windows, but can't get past
the product key.

As I recall you were allowed a finite number of installations with
MSDN operating system disks (10?), but I doubt that I've done more
than five installs and/or repairs using this MSDN disk. I'm wondering
if I should try to do the repair from my original MSDN SP2 disk? Will
this work if the system has been upgraded to SP3? I thought that a XP
installation disk would take any valid key, not that it necessarily
had to match what was on the disk. If it had to match, you'd think
that it would have stopped me much sooner than this. This computer
ain't got what it takes to be upgraded to Vista, so I guess I'll have
to buy another XP disk off Ebay or something.


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