I got this older Dell desktop that takes IDE.

Aug 4, 2016
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Well, I happen to have a 80G SATA with Windows 10 and an adapter to convert it to IDE. I tried to boot it from the Dvd ROM to repair Windows 10 but I can't get it to read the disk drive. It is listed in the booting order but it won't read any disk. No matter what I put in there. It says its missing a device. It also has Ghost 11.0.1 but l really don't know how to use it. I just printed the Ghost manual tonight so I can try to format the hard drive and install a fresh copy of Windows 7. Any tips or ideas? I would be very grateful.
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Mar 5, 2002
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from reading your other posts, your 'fault' is, to me, self inflicted as you have stated you reset the BIOS.

Your system probably doesn't know you have any drives connected as this is done initially from the BIOS

You will need to check the BIOS ... this is done as the computer start by continuously pressing/tapping the F2 (for a Dell) ... Timing is difficult, so you may wish to continually press "F2" until you see the message "Entering Setup."

I suggest, as me helping you with your specific BIOS setting will prove very difficult over the forums, you seek the help of MR Google.


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