Disk Ativity


Brian W.

I have disabled Indexing, and there is still disk activity, when I am
not doing anything. Is it the defrag or what is running. I am running Vista
Home Basic.
Thank-You in advance
Sincerely; Brian W.

Richard G. Harper

Difficult to say. Could be defrag, could be a System Restore point being
created, could be the page file being updated, could be a background
antivirus or antispyware scan, could be your computer is infected with
adware or spyware and is hosting gigabytes of copyright violations ... lots
of possibilities.

Richard Urban

In addition to what Mr. Harper has said:

Has your computer become part of a bot net (there are many) ? This would
certainly account for disk activity as your computer spews out hundreds of
thousands of bogus emails per day - behind your back.

Get a good internet monitoring program to see if this is happening. I use

I went to my sons house a few weeks back. He had not actively used his
computer for a couple of hours. Yet, NetMeter showed that his out going
stream was using about 2.1 meg of bandwidth. This went on for over 2 hours
before I shut down his cable connection.

His computer was "owned" as it turned out.

After retreating to a system image I had created for him a few weeks prior,
all activity stopped and his hard disk was again quiet.

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