disconnection monitor



can anyone recommend a simple program i can use to monitor my internet
connection so that when it disconnects, it could play some kind of alarm.
an mp3 maybe. to let me know that it has disconnected.
xp home
sp2. adsl 2meg connection with tiscali uk using a sagem fast 800 e3 modem.
i'm having loads of problems with my connection, the worst being the fact i
loose connection about 20 times a day at the moment. not to mention the
incredibly slow speeds during the day.
i am putting some test results together to show them my up/down speeds at
i am getting as little as 44kbps downstream at some points during the
day(less than 56k modem!) and as much as 1787 but my upstream is constant at
about 250kbps.
any help much appreciated.




It is not a function of XP nor Microsoft for internet sounds. It is similar
to AOL's "Goodbye".
Start>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio>Sounds tab
Now check under program events and see if you have a sound
designated for ISP (Service provider) disconnect. If there is nothing
there, contact your ISP tech support and ask them how to do it.

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