Disconnecting client to a server



Hi All

I have a weird problem, that i need help with.

Here is the scenario:

Cisco PIX, VPN client software
Windows 2000 ADV sp4 ( with latests updates ) Cluster, Node1 and 2
Terminal services, Administration mode.

Here is the problem.

Users who connect to the network via VPN have problems connecting to
terminal servers to the nodes1 and 2 in the cluster. THey can connect, but
for some reason the connection drops.

Also i support these servers so i have a direct access list to these 2
nodes, and i have the same issue, after a period of time ( which could be 1
minutes, 3, minutes or 5 ) my connection disconnects.

Here is the weird thing, if i remote connect to another server in the lan,
and terminal service to the cluster nodes 1 and 2, my connection is stable.

Here is my thought process:
Problem could be my firewall, casueing the disconnect - well i ruled that
out, becasue i am connecting to other terminal servers with no problems

Thought the problem could be the vpn client - same as above, ruled that out

As for the networking behind the firewall this is how things are configured.
2 core switches, one port of each of the core switches pluges to our
firewalls ( failover firewall ) node1 is plugged into core1 and node2 is
plugged into core2 - also attached on each of the core switches are other
swithces, example department switch on, pluges into core1 and department
switch 2 is plugged into core2. All servers in the environement have nic
teaming, ( used in case the switch dies ) except the nodes in the cluster,
they only have the one port on each switch.

I dont think how the network is configured is the casue of this, but i am
drawing at straws, if it was then i would see the sameissue connecting to
other servers.

Any suggestions?





Hi David,

I had a similar case a few days ago, but I found a solution.
In Windows2003 SP1 a security fix is applied, and that causes user behind a
VPN to disconnect and not being able to reconnect. I saw that only user over
the firewall/vpn weren't able to connect. You can find the fix @
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/893066/en-us there you can find a hotfix to
apply which will probably solve the issue. If you find more new things to
know please let me know (e-mail address removed)

Goodluck and Cheers!

"David" schreef:




Thx Bas

However i have no problems connecting to terminal services or pc-anywhere,
for some reason the connection gets dropped and i have to re-connect again,
every so often ( between 1-3-5 minutes connection will terminate )


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