Disappearing Folders in Windows Mail



Local Folders created to store mail messages such as, receipts for online
passwords, etc. have been disappearing. I did not delete them and can't
find information related to saved folders or options related to saving email
Sending/receiving emails works fine and since the files were stored for many
months without an issue, I have to conclude it is a problem with Windows Mail.
Formerly I used XP/Outlook Express and had no issue with email saved in
local folders. I would like to recover my local files.

Gary VanderMolen

Which antivirus are you running? Some of them are not compatible
with Windows Mail, and will cause assorted problems.


A recent version of the Trend antivirus program (details not available)
causes assorted problems in Windows Mail, and must be uninstalled,
not just disabled, to stop it from causing such problems. You may
then need to remove your mail account under Windows Mail, then
restart Windows Mail and add the account again.

If this cures your problem, you may want a replacement antivirus
program that doesn't cause such problems in Windows Mail. Most
versions of the Norton and McAfee antivirus programs are bad
choices; they cause problems in Windows Mail even more often than
the Trend program. I recommend either avast! or AVG, either one
with a custom install that tells it to leave out the part that scans email.




zlatan24 said:
Try 'recover outlook express'
(http://www.oemailrecovery.com/outlook-express-repair.html), extracts
and saves e-mails from .dbx files in which Microsoft Outlook Express
stores messages and folders on the local drive, tool allow to recovery
Outlook Express deleted messages and saves it in .eml files.

How is a program that extracts messages from .dbx files supposed to
help someone having problems with the Windows Mail program,
which doesn't store its messages in .dbx files?

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