Difference Between Remote Desktop Connection & Remote Assistance?



I'm wondering what the difference is between these two methods of connection?
I've been using Remote Desktop Connection to administer servers and XP
machines. However, I would like to be able to connect to the XP Pro machines
and interact with the currently logged on user's desktop, similar to how VNC
functions. Is this what Remote Assistance is for? If so, how do I go about
initiating a connection to an XP machine using Remote Assistance? I don't
want to "have" to be invited to connect.


Sooner Al [MVP]

Yes, Remote Assistance is designed as a help desk type function...

From the FAQ...

Q. What are the differences between Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance?

A. Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance use the same underlying technology,
but there are differences between these features.

a.. Remote Desktop allows access to a remote Windows computer. For example,
when you are at another computer you can use Remote Desktop to connect to
your work computer from home and have access to files and applications.

b.. Remote Assistance allows a helper to use an Internet connection to
access your computer to provide assistance. The helper views your computer's
screen and communicates through a chat box. The helper can remotely control
your computer to resolve a problem.

If your in a domain or trusted domain environment you can use the Remote
Assistance "Offer" functionality. See these KB articles for help...


If your in a small workgroup environment then this may be of help...


Note that in either scenario the "Novice" still has to give the "Expert"
permission to both
view and take control of the Novice desktop.


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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