Did anyone get to the bottom of this ?? thanks. Exchange 2007 withSP1



Hi, this is an old post. we have e2k7 sp1. did anyone get an answer
for this ?

Hi Guys/Girls,

We have stumbled across a very interesting problem with the use of
2003 in an Exchange 2007 SP1environment. It seems to result in the Out
Of Office
assistant being out of sync between Outlook 2003 & OWA. We have approx
users and I am getting more and more complaints with out of office
being old and out of date.

I have checked the 'Remote Domain' properties and made sure selected
'Allow external out-of-office messages, and out-of-office messages set
Outlook 2003 or earlier clients or sent by Exchange Server 2003 or
servers'. However this option still has not helped.

As a run through this is what happens:

1. Changed the out-of-office message within Outlook 2003 from older
OOF to
new date etc. (No rules are being used). Click OK.
2. Sent test e-mail to mail account and the OLD OOF is sent back to

The only way I seem to get OWA and Outlook 2003 back in sync is to
the text within OWA from the 'External' & 'Internal' out of office
and then go back within Outlook 2003 and set the OOF again.

I need to do the above process for each time an out of office is set.
As I
am sure you can appreciate it gets quite tiresome at times.

If anyone knows of an incompatibility issue or resolution for this I
really appreciate your views and opinions. I hear that SP1 for
Exchange 2007
is due out any time soon so does anyone know if this also has fixes
for the
out of office? I have reviewed the notes for SP1 and it does not
mention a
lot of OWA updates.

Any posts will be replied to extremely promptly as I would really like
get to the bottom of this issue.

Many thanks in advance!



K. Orland

Have you posted this in the Exchange newsgroup? I would recommend that since
OOA is specific to Exchange.

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