Hi Guys/Girls,

We have stumbled across a very interesting problem with the use of Outlook
2003 in an Exchange 2007 environment. It seems to result in the Out Of Office
assistant being out of sync between Outlook 2003 & OWA. We have approx 100
users and I am getting more and more complaints with out of office replies
being old and out of date.

I have checked the 'Remote Domain' properties and made sure selected is
'Allow external out-of-office messages, and out-of-office messages set by
Outlook 2003 or earlier clients or sent by Exchange Server 2003 or earlier
servers'. However this option still has not helped.

As a run through this is what happens:

1. Changed the out-of-office message within Outlook 2003 from older OOF to
new date etc. (No rules are being used). Click OK.
2. Sent test e-mail to mail account and the OLD OOF is sent back to the

The only way I seem to get OWA and Outlook 2003 back in sync is to remove
the text within OWA from the 'External' & 'Internal' out of office replies
and then go back within Outlook 2003 and set the OOF again.

I need to do the above process for each time an out of office is set. As I
am sure you can appreciate it gets quite tiresome at times.

If anyone knows of an incompatibility issue or resolution for this I would
really appreciate your views and opinions. I hear that SP1 for Exchange 2007
is due out any time soon so does anyone know if this also has fixes for the
out of office? I have reviewed the notes for SP1 and it does not mention a
lot of OWA updates.

Any posts will be replied to extremely promptly as I would really like to
get to the bottom of this issue.

Many thanks in advance!


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