Devices Dropping and Reconnecting



Lately on my machine at home (ASUS P4B533-e), I have been getting event
sounds as if devices are being disconnected and then reconnecting.
Repeatedly for a period of about a minute, unrelated to screen-saver or
hibernation(disabled). I am not sure what is causing this. I do not see
these events in my log files. I think it is USB devices.

Is there a way that the hardware changes can be logged? And, if is likely
that the devices are going to be identified by a guid, how will I know which
device is defective?

I am writing this post because it started happening here in my office on my
Hewlett-Packard! Today! Has there been a patch that might cause iffy
performance with USB devices?

During this event, I got up a "balloon" which informed me that this device
might perform faster if it is connected to a USB 2.0 port. The "device" they
are talking about seems to relate to the motherboards USB hub and not the
Maxtor external drive plugged into it. I don't get this type of
error/message at home.

Is it me? Is it because I am a Cylon and completely unaware of it and my
circuitry is messing with my computers?


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