Device manager


Grampy Pete

-- Dell Inspiron 5150 xp sp2

I recently installed Netgear wireless adapter with Netgear wireless router
and have excellent connectivity;the internet apears immediately and stays

However, I never looked at device manager prior to installing these two
devices so don't know if the yellow question marks were there or not prior to
the wireless installation.

In device manager beneath networking is 'other devices' which has this
yellow question mark. Expanded, there are two more yellow question marks.

"Base system device properties" is under 'other devices' then;

1-location PCI bus 0, function1

2-location PCI bus 0 function 3 wireless connections

This is all the infrmation there is there.

When I click on them I am prompted to reinstall these from cd so I tried
running the os cd then the drivers and utilities disk. I did not run the
Netgear disk as the tech had me download the latest drivers from the Netgear
site. He tested all and said the connection is solid and the question marks
are drivers that need installing.

I need some one to tell me how to "know" what I am looking for so perhaps I
can go to the Dell download site and download the necessary drivers.

I am getting areas that I am not too sure about so could you please instruct
me in an easy to understand way?

Thank you for your help.

Grampy Pete




Hi Grampy Pete,

Did you remove any Hardware from the computer prior to installing the
Wireless Adapter?

And the Netgear Wireless Router is not installed on the computer and has
no effect on the Device Manager, as far as that goes.



Grampy Pete

The device manager issue is resolved but I wanted to share the resolve. I
thought I had sp2 and msie7 installed but b/c I was working on more pc's I
did not. After installing both, the yellow question marks were relaced with
my network wireless card and Broad com 440x etx - I dont know how to explain
this -perhaps it was a latent recognition of drivers. I had already rebooted
so it was not that.

Anyway I glad you replied and glad all is well. I wish I could offer a
better explanatio

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