Device Manager: Yellow ! Flagged Drivers



While trying to fix a problem that I’ve been having with my PC (since
resolved), I noticed that Device Manager shows that two drivers on my PC have
been flagged with a yellow exclamation mark (!)

These two drivers -- "Intelide†and “PartMgr†-- are listed under the
category of “Non-Plug and Play Driversâ€, with the following attributes:

Device type: Non-Plug and Play Drivers
Manufacturer: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Device Status:
This device is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers
installed (Code 24)

How do I correct this problem?


Code 24
This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all
its drivers installed. (Code 24)

Recommended resolution

The device does not appear to be present. The problem could be bad hardware,
or a new driver might be needed.

Devices stay in this state if they have been prepared for removal. After you
remove the device, this error disappears.


Thanks for the suggestion!

I clicked "Troubleshoot" on the General Properties tab, as you suggested.

My question is this:

If I uninstall these faulty device drivers -- and then find out they are
needed -- how will I know which device drivers to reinstall from the
Installed Hardware list [Add Hardware Wizard/Next/Yes/Next], since the faulty
drivers aren't identifiable.

Or will these these drivers be automatically reinstalled when I reboot my
PC, if they are needed -- and ignored if they are not needed ?

NOTE: No new hardware devices have been added to this PC

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