Developing an Access 2007/SQL Database



I've had an Access 2003 Database in our office for years, working very well.
Our powers to be, decided to upgrade to Office 2007 and asked me to convert
my database over from a standalone DB to a Access 2007/SQL database.

I tried to Migrate and found that my Database was too complicated. I had to
do it Table by table, Query by Query, etc, etc. So I copied over the tables
to a SQL Database, merged the Access 2007 as an ADP (Project), and started
working out my queries for my forms, reports, etc.

After 5 months , and many minor workaround problems with coding, I finally
(when I am about 95% done) ran into a problem I could not get around, the
refering to Alias columns develeoped in the query. Many of my special
queries, which I left for last could not be written.

I need the get a new 2007 database up and running and they want me to
incorporate the SQL Sever Express we have. I need some direction and I need
some references to rely on in this project- no not ADP or I'm back were I
came from.

Does anyone have some information to help, and please I apprecaite all you
who are knowledgeable on Access, but have never used 2007-- I need 2007
experts here, or I'll waste another 5 mons.




Jeff Boyce


Depending on what your "alias" needs are, you could consider creating views
in SQL-Server that you link to from Access.


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP

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