Desktop "disappears"??


Guest's one for the experts! I hope you can help.

All of a sudden in the past 2 days, my desktop icons (and one desktop web
document) "disappear" whenever I click on the task bar or a window from
another application fires up. If I minimize that window, I see my wallpaper
just fine but the desktop icons and the web object (xbox 360 gamercard)
disappear. However...which I click the "Show Desktop" but in the Quick Launch
bar, they come back!! Until I click the task bar or open another window

Any thoughts? It's just annoying!!


Oops..the sentence that starts "which I click..." should read:

"when I click the "Show Desktop" button in..."


Thanks for following up.

Not really, just about 10 or 12...I really don't need 'em all anyway, it was
just for quick access to a couple of files. The number above includes "My
Computer", "Recycle Bin", IE, and some jpgs.

One mod to my original note, the behavior is not triggered by clicking on
the taskbar itself. Whichever state the desktop icons are in (visible or
"hidden"), clicking the taskbar does NOT change it to the other state, as I
mis-spoke in my first post. The behavior only seems to occur when
minimizing/maximizing windows from pretty much any application.

One other mode of behavior I just's acting as if it's
"switching" between two windows. What I mean is if I have all windows
minimized and click the "Show Desktop" button, the icons reappear. However,
if I click an application in the task bar to bring the window back up, the
icons disappear. I can continue to min/max the existing window without the
icons appearing. Similarly, if I have multiple windows open and click the
"Show Desktop" all the windows disappear (or minimize to the taskbar) and the
icons reappear. It's like there's multiple layers or something...

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