sudden disappearance of desktop and task bar



A family member has suddenly experienced a sudden change.

When the PC is booted, we see the XP splash screen, and then the desktop
shows with icons and task bar at the bottom.

After about 10 seconds, the icons and task bar disappear, flash on and off
2-3 times, and then he is left with just the wallpaper image and mouse cursor.

The cursor/mouse behaves normally and the machine does not seem to be locked
up or frozen.

He was able to <ctrl / alt / delete> and shut the machine down normally, but
the problem persists.

The machine is 3 years old, but I doubt it has seen many update as he just
switched to high-speed internet in the last week.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.




How do I run this script, since I cannot use the computer. I will try Safe
mode, but if there's another way, let me know. And do I need to back up any
data first?



Open the 'Task Manager' again and see if explorer.exe is there. If so, then PaulM's script is of no

If the explorer.exe process is there, end it. Then restart it by selecting, in Task Manager, File >
New Task - enter explorer.exe

Now what happens?


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