Demote Primary Domain Controller



I have three domain controllers in my organization handling
a single domain. They operate on Windows 2000 server. I
need to demote the primary domain controller to a standard

Will this have any impact on my domain? Active directory?
Which domain controller becomes the primary?

Thank you


Simon Geary

If the server is hosting any FSMO roles these should be moved to another
server before you demote it. If it runs AD integrated DNS this will also
have to be moved. Finally, make sure the two other DC's both have the Global
Catalogue setting enabled. Other than that, the demotion shouldn't cause any

Windows 2000 doesn't have a concept of primary domain controller, this term
only applies to NT so none of your servers will be primary. Although one of
them will hold the PDC Emulator role this is not quite the same thing.

Buz [MSFT]


The FSMO roles should be automatically "farmed out" to the other existing
DCs when you DC Promo down the FSMO role holder. The only problem with this
is you have no control over who gets what roles.

Determine FSMO Roles:

How to Use Replication Monitor to Determine Operations Master [ntrelease]

Seize Roles via NTDSUTIL

Using Ntdsutil.exe to Seize or Transfer FSMO Roles to a Server[ntrelease]

Buz Brodin
MCSE NT4 / Win2K
Microsoft Enterprise Domain Support

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