Windows 2000 Demote Problem



Hello All,

I am trying to uninstall one child DC from my forest

My Root Forest is myserver.local [Windows 2000 Native]

Child Domain is sqlserv.myserver.local

Since i don't need this Child Domain anymore so i planned to demote it (and
since i don't have any dc in this child domain so i checked ON "This is my
last domain...", when demoting) but demotion process aborts and it is
erroring out

Remove Active Directory from this computer.
You have indicated that this domain controller is the last controller in the
domain "sqlserv.myserver.local"
When the process is complete, this domain will no longer exist.

The operation failed because:
The Directory Service failed to replicate off changes made locally.
"The DSA operation is unable to proceed because of a DNS lookup failure. "

I am using correct DNS entries [ip of domain which is hosting DNS Server in
forest], When i run nslookup it shows below result.

Default Server: servername.myserver.local

This is IP Address of my DNS Server and it seems to be perfect output, so i
don't know why it is showing DNS related issues.

I will appreciate any help :)


additional information

My Root Domain Controller is Windows 2003 Standard Server [Windows 2000
Native]. I had raised domain level after joining Windows 2000 Server to
Windows 2003 Server as child domain in existing forest. I am not sure
whether this is related to demotion issue


Hello All,

I found that behavior is by design of Ative Directory which is dependant on
DNS Infrastructure.

Ok here is what i did...

1. Download ResKit & Support Tools [Reskit is not necessary, but good tools]

Download Tools from microsoft
Support Tools

Windows 2003 SP1 Resource Kit

2. Start CMD and Run dcdiag.exe [available under support tools] with below
dcdiag.exe /test:DNS /DNSALL

3. Read output of above and resolve issues one-by-one [errors and
suggestions are given by tool itself, just try to understand and follow
instructions, if you are unable to understand then you need to google ;-)]

4. Then run below command
dcdiag.exe /e

5. Again read output of above and try to resolve issues one-by-one [follow
instructions given by tool, ignore warnings but not in all cases :)]

6. Make sure that your child and parent server's preferred DNS Server
settings is correctly configured

7. Now go to child server and run dcpromo, it worked for me :)

Alternatively you can use below article, NOT RECOMMENDED BUT LAST OPTION

Using the DCPROMO /FORCEREMOVAL Command to Force the Demotion of Active
Directory Domain Controllers:;en-us;332199

HOW TO: Remove Data in Active Directory After an Unsuccessful Domain
Controller Demotion:;EN-US;216498

Using Ntdsutil.exe to Seize or Transfer FSMO Roles to a Domain Controller:;EN-US;255504





For your reference: AD will not allow you to demote the DC if that
is marked as a LAST DC in Domain.

Hope this information is usefull..


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