deleting Temp and temporary internet files



I use a Dos command to get rid of the Temporary Internet Files which accrue
constantly. I Use the "RUN > cmd >" to open Dos command window which puts
me at C:\documents and settings\owner. Owner is a hidden file named after
your Windows User-Id. Now from here I change Directory to :

cd local settings
and again to
cd Temporary Internet Files.
Here I issue DEL *.*/q/s<enter>
And wooo hooo watch the files roll bye.

Nopw in my haste this morning this command got issued while not in the
Temporary Internet Folder but back a directory or so in the path. Which
proceeded to delete , my Outlook Express Address Book, all items in Desktop
Folders (i use alot of Desktop stuff). all favorites, MY Documents, Pictures,
Videos , etc. Everything from C:\to documents and settings\owner\local
settings\temporary internet files is gone. Now I get to my Problem for
writing this: All those folders and files are stored somewhere under
User.Dat files or bla bl;a bla, I believe. HOW CAN I RECOVERTHESE FOLDERS
AND FILES ? :0 ) Any help is appreciated. Thanks,




i'm sure there is someone that will provide you with info for undeleting
files. but there may be alot of this on the net avail already. instead i
would like to suggest that you use a batch file (*.bat), if you intend to use
this method of deleting files. that way you can run a single file that is
pre programed with the exact directory data and commands. you can use
notepad, type in the directory names, commands then save as (filename).bat
instead of (filename).txt.....


AT this point you may need a file recovery program, especially if you haven't
set it to move the files to the recycle bin. As the other post pointed out, a
simple .bat file is the better way to go, however, there are also excellent
free programs that will do the job, and much more, for you. I Use CCleaner,
although I have to admit I do also have a batch file that I wrote as well.
One other small program I use is MRUBlaster. TTFN.

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