Deleting mail from one computer but keeping it on a new one.




I have just bought a new computer and transferred all my email accounts (3
accounts in total) and all the e-mail messages in each 3 over to my new

I should mention that one of the accounts is an Imap account.

What I am trying to do is delete all the e-mail messages in each account on
my old computer so that it is completely clean so I can then give it to my
daughter without any of my messages on there.

The first time I deleted all of the emails on my old computer, it also
deleted all of them on my new computer as well.

How can I keep all of my emails that were transferred to my new computer and
delete all of them on my old one without affecting my new computer?

Is it a question of deleting each actual account in my old one completely?
Or by doing this, will I subsequently delete all of the accounts on the new
one as well?

Can anybody tell me the right way to do this? Basically, I want to keep all
of my emails of my new computer but not the old.

Thank you



I must have missed something. Wouldn't it be easier if you removed the
e-mail account from your old computer, instead of dealing with messages ?
Once account was removed, messages went with it.


Thanks for your reply t-4-2,

I am rather new at this so bear with me.

I have just two questions:

If I delete all 3 accounts on my old computer, does it delete all 3 on the
new one as well and from the server completely?

If that is the way to do it, can you tell me how I delete all 3 accounts on
the old computer please.


Gary VanderMolen

As long as you keep an IMAP account active on two computers, it will
keep synchronizing the status of emails, meaning if you delete emails
from one computer, they will be deleted from the other computer.
The solution is to remove that IMAP account from the old computer.
Removing accounts from the old computer will not affect anything on
the new computer or on the server. To remove accounts:
Tools, Accounts, select the account, click Remove.


Thank you very much indeed Gary. That was what I was most worried about but
now you have put my mind at rest.


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