Defining Format Styles for complex formats



Using Office standard edition 2003.

In Word, I need to create a formatting Style that will allow different fonts
within the same paragraph. My test Style is named "Easement para".

Typically, the first two words of the paragraph are in 11 pt Arial Bold
Italic. The remainder of the paragraph's body text is Times Roman 11 pt
normal, and occasionally some of these words may be italic.

The paragraph has a left indent of .33" and Spacing Before of 3 pt.

If I apply "Easement para" to a paragraph, it changes all Arial Bold italic
to Times Roman normal.

If I cut/paste a Times phrase from one paragraph to another or even within
the same paragraph, the pasted phrase appears as Arial Bold Italic within the
Times normal....!

I would like to be able to apply a defined style ("Easement para") to an
existing paragraph (regardless of current style) and have the first two words
be (or stay!) Arial bold italic with the rest of the paragraph being Times.

Sample documents available on request.


Thanks, John

Stefan Blom

Use a character style to apply font formatting to part of a paragraph. If
you want the character style to be applied (semi-)automatically, you will
have to use a macro, though.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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news:[email protected]...

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