Defender Update



Hi... I just installed in a new fresh machine the windows defender and came
back with the unable to complete updates.. error 0x080072efe
Defender info

Windows Defender Version: 1.1.1051.0
Engine Version: 1.1.1185.0
Signature Version:

Any ideas ?

Bill Sanderson

Use Windows Update to get the definitions. Make sure all critical updates
are in place, If you are on a corporate network, or the machine is joined
to a domain which uses group policy to enforce update restrictions, you may
not be able to update automatically within the program.


Thanks .. found the solution, for error 0x080072efe....

If you are behind an ISA firewall and even if you ( like me ) have full
Internet access ( no restrictions ) and have the ISA firewall client running,
YOU MUST add the proxy server configuration in IE.... make sure you have
Automatically detect.. unchecked...

Go to windows update and VOILA !!!

Even thou I

Bill Sanderson

Great--I have similar machines behind the same ISA-2000 firewall some of
which seem to like to have "automatically detect" checked, and others, the
reverse. In my case, no client--ISA set for transparent proxy.


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