Default printer setting lost



I administer a small network with a Windows 2000 server and Windows XP Pro
workstations (SP2). Several of the workstations have shared laser printers
attached (all shared printers are listed in the directory). Users all have
roaming profiles.

The problem is that one printer, when set as the default printer by a user,
will not remain as the default printer for that user. It stays as default
for a few hours, but by the next morning the default is alway changed back to
"Microsoft Office Document Image Writer". The other shared laser printers do
not have this problem. All of my users have the problem with this one

All suggestions are appreciated.

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

XP likes to have a printer (even a virtual one) as default. If it loses the
connection to the default printer on a network, it will set a default to
something it can find... in this case the Microsoft Office Document Image
Writer. It sounds like that particular User's profile is set to log off
when idle, causing XP to reset the printer.

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