Shared printer not picking up default properties from print server



Hello all. I put together a Windows XP box to replace our aging NT 4.0
print server. After setting up a couple of test printers on the XP
box, I set them up as shared and set default properties. The two
defaults I changed are "Print on both sides" and "Print in grayscale".
On the print server itself, these new defaults are saved. However,
when I add this network printer to another XP workstation, the
defaults come up with these two items not checked.

Both the print server and the XP workstations have all the latest
patches. The printer is an HP Color Laserjet 5550-DTN and is connected
via TCP. Is there a way to set a default on the shared printer so that
when users connect to this printer those same defaults are inherited?



Are you setting the defaults from the Advanced Tab of printer properties.
The General tab is a per user setting for the local machine.

Doh! Thank you. I had searched for hours in the MS knowledge base and
didn't find it. I knew I had it working a year ago but I couldn't
remember what I had done.

Thank you!


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