30 Second Delay for printers to appear when added using Printui



We have created batch files to install network printers on XP SP 2
workstations. The batch file looks like
rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /ga /n\\PRINTSERVER\PRINTER

The /ga adds it for all users. It is working but we have a problem on
some machines that also have local printers installed. When the user
logins, the printers added via batch files are not there, and the
users local printer is getting selected as the default printer
(because it is the only printer). Then about 30 seconds after login,
the printers show up, but the default printer process has already
occurred and their local printer remains the default.

We are not running these batch files with group policy. We run them
manually before we roll them out to end users


Alan Morris [MSFT]

The network printer connections will be created for each user after logon.
use prnmngr.vbs in \windows\system32 to get and set the default.

prnmngr -l will list all printers, after the connection is in the list,
prnmngr -g will get the default. if it does not match "\\server\printer"
then set to the connection
prnmngr -t -p "\\server\printer"
Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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