Datacable and Bluetooth Dongle for Windows XP Home



Presently being in the UK (from Germany) I am trying to
connect my laptop to the web via GPRS (mobile phone:
Motorola V 500).But, both, the datacable and Bluetooth
dongle which I bought in the UK through Vodafone and
Orange, are not compatible with Windows XP Home, although
the contrary is written on the supplied software
information. If I "continue with installation" the setup
runs, but no modem or mobile phone is detected after the
setup is concluded.
Does someone know, out of personal experience, which
datacable or Bluetooth dongle is really compatible with
Windows XP?
Thanks a lot,

Nathan McNulty

I have not used either, but it is the responsibility of the hardware
vendor to make the device compatible with an OS. This means they will
provide the required drivers in order to make the device work. I am
pretty sure the BlueTooth Dongle is supported on XP, but I don't know
what you are talking about for the datacable. For the BlueTooth thing,
you need to install the drivers and the bluetooth stack (enumerator).

Here is a list of BlueTooth adapters that are natively supported by XP
(with Service Pack 2):;en-us;841803

Anything not on that list must be installed using the company's drivers.

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