Bluetooth dongle desappears after reboot



Hi, I'm trying to install an USB bluetooth dongle on Windows XP Home
SP2. When I plug in the dongle for the first time Windows recognize it
and installs it with the Generic Bluetooth Radio driver. It works fine
... until I shut down and restart the PC.

After I reboot Windows doesn't recognize the Dongle anymore. I
sometimes get a "found new hardware wizard". Going through the wizard
doesn't help. Windows doesn't find any driver for it. I also tried to
install the original driver that came with the Bluetooth device but
got an errot message.

If I unplug the dongle and plug it in again Windows recognize it and
reinstall it again. What do I need to do that Windows remembers the
dongle after I restart the computer? Is this problem related to the
dongle or is it an USB issue? I'm using a Microspot USB Bluetooth
Adaptor and a DELL Dimension 8200.

Thanks for the answers

Nathan McNulty

Disconnect the devices and open the Registry Editor (Start-Run-regedit).
Navigate to HKLM\System\CCS\Enum\USB and look for the folder
containing information about the problematic devices. Now right click
on the folder labeled Vid_Xxxx that contains the information about the
problematic devices and click Permission. Allow full control of the
key, then right click on it and delete it. Now reboot, first install
the drivers that came with it, then plug the device back in.

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