Technical challenge ? Xp as a bluetooth headset!



Hello to all the community,

I'd like to know if it is technically possible to make Windows XP w/
Broadcom BCM2035 BT Dongle act AS A BLUETOOTH Microphone and speaker.

Asked differently, the question is: Is there a way (hardware / software) to
make mobile phones detect XP Bluetooth Connection as a BT Headset so I can
use my Microphe and all my audio card features to phone my friends and
customers ? This also could be a nice way to save phone conversations into
WAV format for example.

It is already possible to use Real BT Headsets with Windows XP, now the
challenge is to know if XP can act as an audio bluetooth device.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day


Sounds great,

However, would you please explain me what you installed or how you
configured Windows XP to make your siemens detects your PC as an Audio
Bluetooth Accesory ?

Thanks a million

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