Ctrl+Alt+Delete logon doesn't work



I'm trying to logon to Windows 2000. The option to
require me to Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete is set to On.
Everything appears to start up normally until I get to
the "Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to begin" screen. Pressing
Ctrl+Alt+Delete doesn't do anything -- I don't get sent
to the logon screen.

Is there a way to disable that logon prompt?

Steven Umbach

What exactly happens - lockup, stall, etc.? Yes it can be disabled in Local
Security Policy/security settings/local policies/security options but that is a
less than desirable work around for most situations. Possibly you have a
keyboard problem. Also look in Event Viewer for any clues as to what the problem
may be. --- Steve


The problem could be easy or simple.

Easy - The keyboard is defective or not connected properly,
which locks up the logon feature when you do CTRL-ALT-DEL.

Difficult - The registry is corrupted, and you will have to
upgrade the machine to avoid losing valuable information.

P.S. This logon prompt is for security and cannot be
disabled easily. It is by design.

Brian T. Rowe

Your Msgina.dll may have been changed
/deleted which would explain why you neve
see the login screen. Some apps that can
change the default login screen are Novell
NetWare client, some Antivirus programs, or
remote control software. Think about the last
changes to this system before the problem

Try "last known goog config" to see if it get
you up and running, at least

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