I enter ctrl-alt-delete at the logon on screen and nothing



I enter ctrl-alt-delete at the logon on screen and nothing
happens. I tried a new keyboards, new motherboard, and
still it just sits at the ctrl-alt-delete screen. Does any
one know a way around it short of reinstalling win 2000? I
doubt it is a virus since I ran a full scan at the dos
prompt. Also since I have dos access the keyboard works
perfectly and I can reboot in dos using ctrl-alt-delete. I
also tried the repair feature on the win 2000 cd



Not sure if this is on the server, pc or laptop.

I had a similar problem with Dell Latitude Laptop and work
arround was to use a num lock on with delete key
designated on the number pad instead of just delete
button. For some reason Windows would not allow me to use
just plain old CTRL-ALT-DEL and I had to get fancy every
time with CTRL-ALT-(FN-NUM LOCK ON)-DELETE Key on muber
pad. Sounds like you need 3 namds for this one.

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