Ctrl+Alt+Del at logon



Dear MS Support,

We're currently running 2000 Server and XP clients controlled by AD.
Recently I have enforced the requirement to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del at logon to the
Domain which works fine. If for example a user enters a username and
password, but doesn't press 'Enter', XP will automatically return to the
Ctrl+Alt+Del screen after one minute.

The problem I'm having is users press Ctrl+Alt+Del, they logon, (complete
any tasks), they logoff and then they decide to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del leaving the
computer at the Username window. XP it seems doesn't automatically go back to
the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen, if no user credentials have been entered.
The only way I can see round this problem, is to enable XP to remember the
last user who logged on, then after one minute, XP should return to the
Ctrl+Alt+Del screen (in theory); however in my opinion this could be a
potential security risk.

I would like the ability for XP to return to the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen after
one minute, irrelevant if credentials have been entered or not at XP's logon
screen. Thanks.


After further invesigation, I've found the answer to my question!

When XP first starts up it automatically starts at the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen.

If a user inputs their username and password, (but doesn't hit enter) XP
will return to the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen after 1 minute.

If a user hits Ctrl+Alt+Del but doesn't enter a username or password, XP
will return to the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen after 2 minutes. It's a simple as that!

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