Windows XP CSC Files - Can't recover

Jan 29, 2007
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[font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]A few days ago I got a call about and unexpected error with some documents on a lapop... To quicky go
over it, here's what happened and what I did to try to resolve, without

1 - Customer asked me to remove computer account from a domain 8 months ago.
During this time, the computer was in use off site using the client side cache.
2 - A week ago, I was asked to installed the PC onto the domain, so the computer was reintroduced into the domain and a new profile was set up. The original documents were not deleted from the server as it was a brand new profile, with a different name.
3 - The files started to sync with the server (i.e. the user documents
folder - using folder redirection).
4 - It looks like the user removed the PC from the domain before sync could
complete. A fraction of the file synced to the server and can be viewed. But there was about 4.5gb worth of data. What happened since then is that the server synced to the laptop and over wrote the files.
5 - I've located the data to the c:\windos\csc folder and have tried to use
the csccmd.exe command ver 1.1 to extract the files. I've used the /resid
switch and it had an effect... if I browse to view the offline files, it
tells me the documents have 0 bytes - but they are listed, but if I browse to the my documents folder on server, it looks like all the files are present,
but I can't open them, and the file sizes seem correct - Since I re introduced the files to the server today, the documents are not showing in the folder on the server, but are available offline only... "Only a local copy exists".
So, I'm thinking theres possible database corruption - maybe of the index
file. There's also about 8k worth or defective data (2 sectors???) on the hard drive. It is possible for this corruption to occur if the sync does not complete on the first occasion, then the following day say the servers files as a more recent file than the files on the laptop and synced in the opposite direction. Either this or the database became corrupt as a result of any one of the sync errors.

Has anyone ot any ideas of what I could do now?



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