cross-referencing when paragraphs have heading and text in same pa



My document has paragraphs as follows:

2.1 Heading. Text, text, text.

If I use style 2 for the entire paragraph, I cannot update cross-referencing.

When I use a hidden paragraph marker, I can get two styles in the same
paragraph, but the paragraph reference no longer appears in the
cross-reference window.

How do I code cross-references without the cross-reference window, or how do
I get it to display correctly?

Jay Freedman

Insert a bookmark surrounding the heading. Then you can either use the
cross-reference dialog and choose the bookmark to refer to, or just insert a
REF field containing the bookmark's name.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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Jay, could you give me a little more information about how to do this? Maybe
I didn't make myself clear - but when I use the hidden paragraph marker so
that I have two styles in the same paragraph, that paragraph no longer
displays in the cross-refrence dialog box. If I take out the hidden
paragraph marker, it shows up again.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

You will not see the paragraph listed as a Heading, but you can see it in
the Bookmarks list if you select the heading portion and insert a bookmark
(Insert | Bookmark).

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

Jay Freedman

The cross-reference dialog has a dropdown called "Reference type", and one
of the items in the dropdown is "Bookmark". If you surround a piece of
text -- in this case, the heading that precedes the hidden paragraph mark --
with a bookmark (using Insert > Bookmark), then use the cross-reference
dialog and set the reference type to Bookmark, the bookmark you just
inserted should appear in the list.

In fact, behind the scenes this is exactly what Word does to cross-reference
a heading; it inserts a hidden bookmark around the heading, with a name like
_Ref234233783, and uses that name in a REF field. You can see the hidden
bookmarks in the document by checking a box in the Insert > Bookmark dialog.

By the way, when I try using the reference type of Heading, the heading with
the hidden paragraph mark _does_ appear in the list. I'm not sure why yours

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