Cross reference including wrong information



I have a problem with cross references. Occassionally the cross reference
will expand to include the wrong information.

For example, I have a document that has a cross reference to a header, say
the 1.1 heading type.

As I edit the document, I may add text above the header or below the header.
On occassion when I refresh the cross references (select all, F9) I find that
the cross reference that was just the heading now includes text from the
paragraph that immediately follows the heading, or in some cases from the
paragraph that preceeds the heading.

This has caused problems in our organization, such that many are
recommending we don't use X-Refs in our documents (which brings a slew of
other headaches).

Any suggestion on how to avoid this problem?

Thanks in advance,


Peter T. Daniels

The problem is that they use Bookmarks, and it's easy to type stuff
inside an existing Bookmark
When you add stuff before the heading (not header) in question, be
sure to approach it from above -- don't put your cursor into the
heading line and backspace to where the insertion goes.


Thank you Suzanne. The videos and explanations at the suggested site you
suggested was VERY enlightning.

I have been suffering with these problems since 2003, and I thought going to
2007 would fix these defects. But they still persist. It's nice to know what
the problems are now, and the work arounds to avoid the problems.

I just wish that they would actually fix the problem in the product.

Thanks again,


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