Inserting cross references



I create technical documents that have lots of cross references and
get really tired of the simplistic cross-reference dialogue in Word
2003. The current document I'm working on has over 150 pages, 5
heading levels and over 400 headings (so far) plus probably five times
as many numbered paragraphs that are also used as cross references.

Most cross references are to the paragraph or heading number, but
sometimes the text is included. Word always uses "text" as the
default, so I'm always having to re-set it to "Heading number (no
context)", then scroll through the tiny dialog that only shows 9 items
(I have over 1,000 items in there!) that re-sets itself every time
focus goes back to the document, making insertion of multiple
references really painful. I also can't select more than one cross
reference item at a time (e.g. heading number AND text or to 3 or 4
different items), they have to be done one at a time.

And so on... I've got a million of 'em. :)

Firstly I would like to be able to set the cross reference defaults to
one I want, not the ones Word thinks I want and that it keeps re-
setting to whenever it has the chance.

Secondly, I'd like to be able insert cross references using one (or
both) of the following methods:

Method 1.

1. Set the insertion point at the place the cross reference is to be
2. Select "insert cross reference"
3. Navigate to the numbered item in the document that the cross
reference will point to
4. Click on the item to create the cross reference
5. Optionally return to the insertion point or stay at the current
location so more cross references can be inserted at the same spot if

It should also be possible to edit the cross reference directly so
that if it's to say a heading, I can show just the number, just the
text or both.

Method 2.

1. Select the numbered item (heading, paragraph, whatever) to be used
as a cross reference
2. Place the insertion point where the cross reference is to be
3. Select "paste as cross reference"
4. Use the default cross reference options (which should be
configurable) or modify them to insert number, text, both, hyperlink,

Is there any way to do this with native Word functionality, or has
someone written a macro to do it?


Well, in 2007 at least they've fixed the "go back to 1" thing -- as
long as you leave the X-ref window open, when you click back on it, it
stays on the last item you referenced.

And the "numbered paragraph" also stays selected until you change it
(I don't remember _that_ not working in 2003 -- though you do still
have to choose it the first time you open the window.)

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