Cross referencing to non Heading Styles



I am using Word 2003.

I have a long legal document which uses standard Heading 1 - Heading 8
styles throughout. I then have Annexure pages at the end, which are Annexure
A, Annexure B etc. These headings are formatted in a style called Annexure.

I now want to cross reference to the Annexure headings. The way I am doing
it is to insert a SEQ field for the A, B, C, etc and then bookmark the

Seems a little fiddly, is there a better way? I'm not "allowed" to modify
any of the Heading 1-9 styles as a matter of company policy.



If your Annexure style has an Outline Numbered attribute applied, suitably
formatted to your needs, then you wont need a SEQ field and they would also
appear in the Numbered Item listing in the Cross-reference dialog so you wont
need to create a Bookmark to reference to.
Hope this helps

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