Creating new site with existing website in Frontpage



I have recently started using the My Documents/My Websites folder that
FrontPage 2003 uses and like the way it handles files. So, I have been
creating new 'sites' and copying files over into the folders within the 'my
documents/my websites' area. However, when Publishing, it acts as if the
files don't exist on the server and wants to reupload my entire website. Is
there a better way to do this or some work-around?

Thomas A. Rowe

You need to always use FP to manage the content within a web. If the content is not created within
the current Open FP, then you need to import it into the web before using it in the web.

If you create a new site, then you open an existing site and publish it to a new location on your
HD, etc. to create this new site using existing content.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

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