Frontpage 2003 - apache website - case sensitivity - odd folders



Hi all,
I've been charged with maintaining a website that uses an Apache
server, using Frontpage 2003. There are the basic folders and then
some other folders - I'd like to download them all to my laptop to
have a backup. Unfortunately, while all the normal webpages and
images I would manipulate can come over, there are some other folders
that automatically try to publish to my PC that have names like


in the same folder, and Windows won't recognize it. But the folders
these are in I shouldn't ever have to even see.

It's kind of annoying to have to select only certain folders to back
up every time.

Is there any way around this? Can I somehow tell Frontpage not to
"see" certain folders in the remote site?


PS - the website works fine, using Frontpage Extensions (previous
webmaster used Frontpage - I might have to track him down)


If the Apache website has frontPage extensions, convert the folders to
subwebs, then publish to your PC excluding subwebs.

On your PC, create the folders and convert to subwebs as well. - these
folders will be ignored.

If the Apache site does not have extensions, then you will have to download
with an FTP client, manually omitting the folders. But still create them on
your PC and convert to subwebs.

To convert to subweb:
right click on the folder in FrontPage, and choose "Convert to Web". Some
additional folders and files (meta data) will be created in these folders,
if that is important.

Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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