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Jul 16, 2013
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I guess I am a diehard Frontpage 2003 user as it is the only program with a wysywyg page structure view that can be dragged and dropped. With 2000 pages in birdlist.org. This is the most essential element. But also simple things like making an alt text by clicking on an image is so much more time efficient.

I am in the process of making my 25 websites Frontpage extensions independent by putting the surfing buttons of the borders in a table cell. See

It works like a charm. See my site cuyabenolodge.com which now runs on a regular apache server of Godaddy.

I have been running into a very annoying problem lately though and I don't know the cause of it. I run FP2003 on Windows 7 and after a while the Accessibility window opens up, each time I write some text. This is very annoying and after a while it make writing impossible and I need to restart the problem or even the computer. Please dont come with advise that i need to work with another program because I wont.
There just are some die-hard FP users out there and I am one of them. Can someone help me with this problem?
Thanks, Daan

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