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Kathleen Anderson

I am trying to circle back with the FrontPage users running Vista that were
experiencing a crash in FrontPage when you tried to insert a hyperlink. Are
you still having the problem? Have you installed Vista SP1 and did the
problem go away?



~ Kathleen Anderson
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"Insert Hyperlinks" works fine for me. What I have now is a problem when
editing remote sites, versus working local. When I open, and work, directly
on a remote site, FrontPage 2003 now (under Vista only) has a problem
browsing the remote directory structure.

While editing, if you use the menu to "Insert > File" or "Insert > Picture",
the resulting pop-up dialog will only browse the local machine. The ability
to browse the remote machines directory structure, to select a file, or
picture, already stored there is not possible. It works perfectly fine, on
my XP machine, and likewise works fine on my Vista machine, under Microsoft
Expression Web.

Any thoughts on a fix?

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