Frontpage Publishing Host header password problem



Am unable to get my user credentials accepted in Frontpage Server Extensions
to manage specific websites or in Frontpage to publish to a web based server.
(I note the very same issue posted by several other people across various
forums in the last few months, none of which have received replies, so I am
not the only one with this issue).
I posted several weeks ago on this very forum thinking the issue was with a
corrupted web and that someone I had lost access to my user/name and
password. The responses I got at the time were anything but helpful and in
hindsight did not address the problem.
Here is what I know now. Running server 2003 Enterprise Edition with
Frontpage 2002 installed. I had a hard drive crash shortly after the
original postings, so this is now based on a FRESH install of both Server
2003 and Frontpage. I restored my webs from backups. Server is setup so
that I have disk based webs which are my production webs which are then
published via URL to live server based webs on the same server.
However for about two months now, Frontpage does not accept my user name /
password when Publishing to a server based web or when trying to access
specific web sites in Frontpage Extensions Admin.
This is what I know now that I didn’t know back then.
My user name / password works great when I publish to an IP address
(192.168.1.XXX). I am able to publish website successfully when publishing
to an IP (However Frontpage forms and other components still don’t work).
That it logs in using an IP address confirms that the credentials (User
name/password) are correct otherwise it would not let me in.
When publishing to a host header value, no combination of user name/
password will work. However I know the DNS is properly working as I can
ping the url and get my own IP back, as well as viewing my website fine on
the internet. Using IE on the server itself, the website URL properly routes
and shows me my own website.
The same for Front Page Server Extentions. I easily log into the admin
screen as its an IP 192.168.1.XXX. However when I go to click on a specific
website for its admin, no combination of username/password will work. When I
go back into my IIS and remove all URLs from the host header fields and only
leave the IP number, it lets me log in and access the website server
extensions. I can then confirm that my user name is listed with full rights.
Once I add a URL again in the IIS field, then I can no longer log in, same
story as before. The error message that I get is error 401.1.
This would seem to imply a credentials issue but I am at a loss of
understand why it works when I put the IP in and it does not when I put the
URL in.
Assuming then that it was related to existing websites, I tested using brand
new Frontpage created websites. And with brand new webs am totally unable to
publish to server based webs using urls. As I have access to multiple URL
names, I tried several combinations in case there was a specific URL that was
In other forums I have read that some users experiences similar to this once
they installed IE8.0 but although it was installed approximately at that
time, I can’t confirm a connection to this. I did add my websites to the
Trusted Sites in IE8.0 and enabled HTTP1.1 and Passive FTP to no results.
Can someone please help me? What should I be looking at next?

- MR


You should NOT be looking at FTP - FTP will corrupt the extensions.
Suggest you ask this question in an IIS newsgroup or forum, since it appears
to be a problem related to Host Headers.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression)

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