Can no longer access website using MS Frontpage



Just to give you some background ...

I have a total of six separate websites / domains and use MS Frontpage 2002
to maintain them. I have access to four separate PC's. The operating
systems range from Windows 98, XP Home to XP Professional. I've been
creating and updating these websites for over 4 years now and have never had
any problem until recently.

A few months ago, one website starting having problems with MS Frontpage
features (hit counters, forms, etc) not working right. I contacted my Web
Host and after going back and forth a few times, they finally figured out
that my Extensions were corrupt so they reinstalled them. Everything was
back to normal for awhile. Then it happened again. Reinstalling the
extensions didn't work this time and the problem gradually got worse -- to
the point that I was getting the following error message when I tried to open
this website using MS Frontpage:

Documents in folder not available. Folder may have been moved or deleted or
network problems may be preventing a connection. System exception: access

I went back and forth with my Web Host several more times -- uninstalling --
reinstalling ... They would say that they could access my website with no
problems and would even create test pages to prove it. I was still getting
the same error message -- on each computer that I tried. The five other
websites are just fine -- no error messages at all.

Finally -- I gave up and transferred my website to a new Web Host. I'm
still having the same problem. They are telling me the same thing -- they
can access my website. But I can't.

Any suggestions ? Thanks.


I'm having a simular problem, I recently switched my host, everything went
fine at first, then one night while updating the site, Front Page error came
up that said "unable to save". Can someone please answer this question, I
going crazy over here.



Thanks for replying, Steve ...

I used the two links you suggested to clear out my files. I was surprised
by how many files are "hidden". Guess my periodic "cleaning" wasn't doing
the job I thought it was.

MS Frontpage opens much faster as do my other websites so there is a
noticeable improvement in program function. However, I'm still unable to
access my "problem" website. I'm now getting a shorter version of the
original error message:

Documents in folder not available. Folder may have been moved or deleted or
network problems may be preventing a connection.

I'm no longer getting the bit about:

System exception: access violation.

Not sure what if anything this means.

I did think of something I should've mentioned in the beginning ... my
"problem" website is much larger than the others. It's currently
2,152.38 MB out of 35000 MB limit with approx 20,000 files. Not
sure if that makes a difference or could be the cause of my problem.

I was hoping changing web hosts / starting a new account would solve
my problem but it hasn't. I did have to upload my files using an FTP program.
I know that FTP and FP Extensions don't mix well together but my new web
host did reinstall the extensions just the other day.

I would appreciate any more suggestions you have to give.

Thanks again.

Steve Easton

Is there a reference to / link to the problem web in Network Places??
If so, delete it.

Then, run regedit and go here:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\FrontPage\Explorer\FrontPage Explorer\Recent Publish List
and in the right hand panel right click the value name that contains the entry for the problem web and then select
Close regedit and reopen FrontPage and see what happens when you try to open the web.

Another trick ( with FrontPage closed ) is to open the web in Internet Explorer and the on the IE toolbar click File >
Edit with FrontPage.

It should prompt you for a user name and password and then open after they are entered.

Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
FP Cleaner
Hit Me FP


I followed your instructions -- and have to admit, I'm proud that I was able
to ;-o

Two things that I should note:

First -- I don't have the "Recent Publish List" you mentioned.
I have "Recent File" and "Recent Web"
I deleted the problem web from the Recent Web, opened FP and gave it a shot.
I got the bong noise and FP closed out on its own after a few seconds of

Second -- I don't "Publish" my web / pages. I used to years ago but
having a large website and Dial up (at the time), it just took forever.

I use the Save or Save as and I have no idea what the consequences may be
but it sure is a lot faster and I get the same results as far as my webpages
being displayed. It's been so long I don't even remember how I started this
So if you have any thoughts on that being the cause of my problems, I would
appreciate it. As I've said, I don't have this problem with the other 5
websites and I update / save them all the same way -- on a regular basis.

The other day, I did try using the FP Edit on my IE Browser. But that was at
a point when I was trying several different things and somewhere along
the line, my website started to require a login / password in order for
people to access any of the webpages. So I'm hesitant to try that again
you know that the login problem wasn't caused by the FP Edit feature.
In any event, I still wasn't able to access my website with FP. It closed out
after a few seconds.

I really appreciate you taking the time and making the effort to help me,
This is so much more that my web host is willing to do. And clearing my files
has made such a difference in the speed / function of FP in general -- plus
I have a lot more room on my PC !

Thanks again,

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