I am confused and need help!!

When I look at the folders in my website with Windows Explorer vs. Frontpage
I see different folders. one of the folders that does not appear in
Frontpage is a folder that contains the grphics for one of my websites pages.
It must have appeared before because I was able to successfully publish this
new page at the begginnning of April. Now it doesn't appear in the
navagation pane of Frontpage. How do I get this folder back into Frontpage?

Tried to publish some other changes today, which is how I discovered this
problem, and Frontpage is saying that since these files don't exist on my
harddrive, do I want to delete them from the website?

Help---and if it isn't obvious, I am new to using Frontpage and developing


Rob Giordano [MS MVP]

Import the folder back into your web.
Open FP
Open your Web Site
File | Import....Folder

Avoid browsing within your FP website with Windows may end up
creating thumbs.db files which may cause publishing issues.

Patricia Geary

That also happens when you save a page from the Internet. The files
associated with the page will be saved as pagename_files. Great explanation
of the folder names in FP and EW by the way.


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