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I am taking over a website for our teachers union. I open the website, open
edit with frontpage, it does not ask me for a password it opens the frontpage
of the website, no files , no folders, I can't edit anything. Help?




Rick Sparks

I'm guessing you're opening the local website on your own computer... which
probably wouldn't have a password.... you won't need that until you publish
on your hosts' computer.

When you first open your local website, you won't see anything... you need
to choose something to look at.. try "navigation" from the menu on the left
side of the screen.... then, double-click on your index page and you should
see the home page of your site.




I open the website, open > edit with frontpage,

Does that mean "Open the website with Internet Explorer, then Choose 'Edit
with FrontPage' from a menu"?

The correct way (that works) is
Open FrontPage
File->Open Web (or File->Open Site)
Type in the URL of the website
Click Open

The website MUST have FrontPage extensions installed and running.

The first thing you should do is Publish the site to a folder on your PC,
then use that copy of the site for editing and, after testing the copy,
Publish back. Always AVOID editing the live web site - your mistakes are
made public immediately.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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