Creating a Distribution List from Global Address Book



I sure hope I don't incur the wrath of MVPs, but here goes.

Outlook 2007, Exchange 2003, SP1. Uncached.

I have one user (out of 400+) who is having a problem creating a DL. She
can create the DL in Contacts, using addresses from the Global Address Book
(which is standard procedure). When she then creates a New Email, inserting
the DL name (via Contacts) into the TO: line, the DL name appears,
underlined, with the expansion + sign. As is usual. However, when she
clicks on the + sign to expand the DL, everything disappears! When we go
backinto the Select Names Contact and click on the DL to insert into the TO:
line, all we get is a row of semi-colons.

If she does not expand the DL once it's in the TO: field, the email gets
sent out beautifully - all names appear on the receiving end as well as
showing up in her Sent folder.

This is occurring with all of her "home-made" DL lists. I have tried to
re-create the problem to no avail. I've watched her create DL lists and she
is doing it correctly.

I have checked or tried the following, to no avail:
She is not cached.
She is working online.
Opened DL, clicked on Update Now, Save and Close.
Saved the DL before sending email.
Deleted the DL. Re-created the DL under a different name.
The user's Contacts is set up in her Address Books under Account Settings.
Tools > Options> Contact Options > Show Contact Linking on All Forms is
Tools > Options > Email Options > Advanced Email Options > Automatic Name
Checking is checked.

I don't know where else to look. I should also mention that this has just
started happening with her pc this week, which makes me think there's a
setting I'm missing somewhere? NetAdmin has done no updates...

Thank you for your time and hopefully help!


Just to let everyone know, if they enounter weirdness like this. The
solution I finally came up with was to delete the user's profile in Outlook
and then re-create it. Somehow the profile had gotten corrupted. Everything
works beautifully now.

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