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Deej Hernandez

I have Office 2007 Home Edition running on a laptop with Vista Home Premium.
I run a football pool every season and would like to know if there is any way
to create shortcuts for all of the team names/division so that I don't have
to type all 32 names with division every week. For example right now I have
to completely type Denver (AFC West) for every game during the season and
possible postseason games also. Is there anything I can create to use in
Excel so that I just have to type one or two letters and it will put in the
whole name?

Gary''s Student

Say we need to enter team names in column A of some worksheet, but we would
like to enter only a two digit numbers and have a translation automatically
be performed. First enter this event macro in the worksheet code area:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim Team(1 To 32) As String
Team(1) = " Buffalo Bills (AFC-East)"
Team(2) = " Miami Dolphins (AFC-East)"
Team(3) = " New England Patriots (AFC-East)"
Team(4) = " New York Jets (AFC-East)"
Team(5) = " Baltimore Ravens (AFC-North)"
Team(6) = " Cincinnati Bengals (AFC-North)"
Team(7) = " Cleveland Browns (AFC-North)"
Team(8) = " Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC-North)"
Team(9) = " Houston Texans (AFC-South)"
Team(10) = " Indianapolis Colts (AFC-South)"
Team(11) = " Jacksonville Jaguars (AFC-South)"
Team(12) = " Tennessee Titans (AFC-South)"
Team(13) = " Denver Broncos (AFC-West)"
Team(14) = " Kansas City Chiefs (AFC-West)"
Team(15) = " Oakland Raiders (AFC-West)"
Team(16) = " San Diego Chargers (AFC-West)"
Team(17) = " Dallas Cowboys (NFC-East)"
Team(18) = " New York Giants (NFC-East)"
Team(19) = " Philadelphia Eagles (NFC-East)"
Team(20) = " Washington Redskins (NFC-East)"
Team(21) = " Chicago Bears (NFC-North)"
Team(22) = " Detroit Lions (NFC-North)"
Team(23) = " Green Bay Packers (NFC-North)"
Team(24) = " Minnesota Vikings (NFC-North)"
Team(25) = " Atlanta Falcons (NFC-Souch)"
Team(26) = " Carolina Panthers (NFC-Souch)"
Team(27) = " New Orleans Saints (NFC-Souch)"
Team(28) = " Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC-Souch)"
Team(29) = " Arizona Cardinals (NFC-West)"
Team(30) = " St. Louis Rams (NFC-West)"
Team(31) = " San Francisco 49'ers (NFC-West)"
Team(32) = " Seattle Seahawks (NFC-West)"
If Intersect(Target, Range("A:A")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
Application.EnableEvents = False
v = Target.Value
Target.Value = Team(v)
Application.EnableEvents = True
End Sub

If you now type 3 in a cell in column A it will become:

New England Patriots (AFC-East)

Gary Keramidas

you could set up an autocorrect for each one:

replace nyg with New York Giants (NFC East)


Gary Keramidas
Excel 2003

Dave Peterson

You may want to dump excel completely.

There are tons of sites that do this already. ESPN, Yahoo, ...

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